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The way a woman talks to her man about giving head. Not just normal head, but head in a way that blows his mind. The kind where the knees want to collapse after orgasm.
She: That was incredible foreplay. I'm hungry for that hotdog. Do you want kissies?

He: You don't ever have to ask that question. Like air. I want it like air.

She: Looks like someone's getting excited.

He: Let's talk less.

Time elapses and he collapses.

by Russ and Erin December 02, 2006
Wake Up Boner. Also referred to as morning wood, woody or simply a boner, this unique brand of wood rises with the sun or at least rises to greet the sun. It is the unfortunate person who awakes to a wub alone. Although Ms Michigan is an excellent wub rubber outer...it is the fortunate son that wakes up with a wub and a wub rubber next to them (also known as a wenchlet) who is an expert at working the knots out.
He: Honey, wake up. Do you think you could help me out here a little. I got a wub. I'm in need of some luvvin'.
Can you rub my wub?

She: I can do better than just be a wub rubber. Does someone want kissies?

He: Well if you're gonna do that, I better take a quick shower. My wub will still be there. C'mon. We'll clean up together.

She: Good. I was feeling a little dirty anyways.

He: I love wubs, wub lovers and kissies.
by Russ and Erin December 02, 2006

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