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A person who fucks plants.
"Man, oh, man. I got thorns all over my dick from that rose bush I had yesterday" Adam the dendrophiliac said.
by Rupert Tippens May 16, 2006
the wet patch left on your sheets after you fuck a chick; female ejaculation on your bed sheets
"You should have seen the poon pond Jessica left on my couch last night".
by Rupert Tippens May 16, 2006
Gratuitous sex or sexual acts on film. A person or people fucking or indulging in sexual activity on film. eg. porn on film, or DVD. Made by professional porn stars or amatures from home or other such place.
"You should see the porno movies I bought yesterday. Boy, is there some hardcore fucking on them"
by Rupert Tippens May 16, 2006
Noun; the name you call a person of endearment, but without sounding endearing.
Yo, Chubi, ya big Moosie, S'up?
by Rupert Tippens May 16, 2006
The rag you keep next to your bed or under it to clean up sprog; aka cum, after you have finished having a wank.
It is almost unbearable to use my wipie now it started to develope a crust. Seriously, i haven't washed it for that long...
by Rupert Tippens May 16, 2006
A damn fine little vagina
Francessco has the hottest deuteronomy box ever
by Rupert Tippens May 16, 2006
Man with a small penis, a small penis.
Frankie never changed in front of other people, or had a piss in a urinal due to his snapperhead penis.
by Rupert Tippens May 16, 2006
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