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The first Marathon was ran by a Greek Soldier named Pheidippides who was sent by the Greek Army to proclaim the victory agianst the Persians but he collapsed dead tired.Now and days Television networks make fun of The Marathon word by using it on continueous Shows like Cartoon's and Dating on Mtv."It's obious,They Can't Run."
Runner girl:"Hey Ted let's run a 5k."
Ted:"No women im to busy watching the Cops Marathon,it's been going three hours nonstop!"
by Runner Bulldog November 04, 2006
Aids is a disease that shuts down your whole immune system causing simple viruses that can be cured by medicine to kill you. This disease could of been prevented if so many sinners did not have sex out of marriage.Instead so many people have sex with all kinds of people thinking it's okay. Stupid schools and teachers say that it's okay to have sex as long that you have protection. Go to hell!!!It is not okay!!!Why not get married with only one person!!!!
The girl with good christian values rathers get married with a man than going around with a boyfriend of 7 years and having sex out of marriage and getting Aids.
by Runner Bulldog May 23, 2008
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