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A pretty good game, which was created entirely with Java. It's three dimensional. The object of the game is what makes it so good, because the whole point of the game is whatever you want it to be. You can make friends, do quests, or train in various skills, such as mining, smithing, crafting, fishing, woodcutting, etc.

The only complaints about this game that I have are that almost everything is limited to members, such as most of the quests, the map space, and alot of other cool stuff. Also, everybody calls each other a noob for some reason. The graphics might also not appeal to all people, but if you look past the graphics, you'll see that its a pretty fun game, but you need to know when to stop playing.

(By the way, I might become a member by next month!)
Immature player: 5hu7 up n00b!
Newbie: plz give me stuff i died plz
*** Newbie attempts to trade a level 79 repeatedly***
***Level 79 gives newbie full bronze armor and walks off***

My name in Runescape is Lord Arcane3, feel free to add me to your list.
by Runescape is NOT a bad game! September 24, 2005

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