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a note in which a person gives their friend when they are going on a trip, traveling by plane. Like a letter.

2. A letter given to a friend that they are supposed to read when they are on the plane.
1. "hey Hannah, here's a letter i wrote for you to read on the airplane. I hope you wrote me a plane note too

2. "Dear Laura, i hope you have an amazing trip in Florida. I hope your spring break is amazing! Give your grandma a hug for me! See ya in a week. Call me as soon as you're back, Love Lilly"
by Rundelly:) March 26, 2010
The past tense of orgasm
Example 1
boy 1: when was the last time you orgased?
boy 2: idk, last week..

Example 2
Laurie: EW! delete this picture now!
lillian: haha yeah, you look kinda orgased
by Rundelly:) April 25, 2010
A guy who dates a girl, and then moves on to her friend once he's done with her.
He "hops" from girl to girl in a group a friends
heather: "wait! bruce is going out with emma now?! "
brenda: "yep, even after dating emma's best friend "
heather: "what a homie hopper!"

2) zac efron dates vanessa and then he dates her friend, then he moves on to her friend
by Rundelly:) April 28, 2010

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