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7 definitions by Rufustoofus

A political policy or program that sounds too good to be true because the money to fund it either does not exist or very shortly will not exist. The politician advocating such a program is shielded from this reality by the fact that he or she will be out of office and on the lecture circuit by the time the general public realizes that they have been hoodwinked.
Providing health insurance for 40 million currently uninsured Americans at no additional cost is utterly unsustainable. Sounds awesome, though.
by Rufustoofus June 30, 2010
34 4
A belief system, sometimes functioning as an ersatz religion, that advocates the suspension or elimination of democratic principles in order to advance an agenda intended to thwart a perceived threat to the environment. These perceived threats can be changed in the event that they become unfashionable. For example, "global cooling"- a grave concern in the 1970's- became "global warming" at the turn of the century. After some embarrassing e-mails from formerly respected climate scientists were made public, the movement settled on "climate change", holding that any change in the climate is the result of human activity. Evidence of previous ice ages and subsequent periods of warming are not dwelled upon.
Eco-Fascism is not as bad as it might seem. After all, we're just trying to save the planet.
by Rufustoofus July 01, 2010
22 6
Refers to an area of the world that theoretically could become a civilized place with the help of U.S military intervention, but in reality has historically resisted attempts by many previous colonial powers to accomplish this goal. See Afghanistan, Iran, Vietnam, Cambodia, Newark, Detroit, etc.
The Middle East is unsubduable, dude. It's just going to be another wall with a bunch of names.
by Rufustoofus June 29, 2010
17 1
A person advocating the building of the Ground Zero Mosque in the hope that this will reduce the incidence of future acts of terrorism by getting our enemies to like us for being so open minded.
Ed Schultz is a mosqueteer.
by Rufustoofus September 04, 2010
17 4
An alternative lifestyle menage a trois.
Uh, not really my kind of movie. We're looking at a GBLT sandwich.
by Rufustoofus August 17, 2010
14 5
An iPad user who, while viewing a social networking site, inadvertently touches the screen, causing him to "join" a hate group.
I was looking at Susan's profile page and I accidentally touched the screen. Now I'm a member of the NPHH- the NeoPanther Hymie Haters. I'm an iPad Nazi!
by Rufustoofus July 13, 2010
43 35
A description of the non-petroleum based contribution to the global economy made by certain Middle East countries.
Don't look for any Afghan super computers anytime soon. It's pretty much a rugs 'n' drugs economy.
by Rufustoofus July 06, 2010
10 2