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A cross town train that runs along 14th Street in Manhattan and goes out to Brooklyn. Hipster Express: Better known for transporting hipsters from Williamsburg to the hipsters of the East Village and vice versa.
I took the L-train from the Bedford stop today but I didn't wear my trucker hat so I felt out of place.
by Rufus McDoofus November 16, 2003
A mythological city inhabited by obscenely ugly females discovered by Lewis & Clark, but is now a term to describe a general gathering of unattractive women. Examples: University of Chicago, Stanford University.
The girls here suck, we must be in Boo City, Iowa. I got no bid on this place. This place is single boo minus and falling fast!
by Rufus McDoofus November 17, 2003
Any expectionally unattractive female. Boo Radley's typically hail from places like Boo City, Iowa. Wall Streeters refer to Boo Radley's as triple boo minus, if EXCEPTIONALLY UGLY, single boo minus. Variants include "rad" or "boo"
"Man, that girl is totally boo-radley." "I'm a seller of that boo radley, she's like single boo minus."
by Rufus McDoofus November 16, 2003

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