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1 definition by Rude Awakening

That guy on the couch. Thinks hes a responsible model citizen by day, 4 year old blubbering fucking idiot by night.

someone we all hate.

AKA. My brother
alcoholic aaron: Dude why don't you go to school?
me: i don't know, why is the sky blue? why does the bear shit in the woods? how many dui's you got??
alcoholic aaron: fuck you
me:Sorry, I guess the questions were too complex for your one track mind to grasp. . lemme put it in terms you actually understand.
Derr dErr blah blah blah BEER blah bla alcohol your a fuckin idiot thats going nowhere in life but working retail!
BITCH! I hope you choke on your own vomit in the night you dickhead!
by Rude Awakening December 13, 2006
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