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a psychologist, psychiatrist, psychiatric social worker or anyone employed in the mental health field who counsels anyone with a psychiatric diagnosis or emotional problem.
According to my yoyo inspector, diabetes and chronic pain can cause depression.
#shrink #headshrinker #psychologist #psychiatrist #psychiatric social worker
by Ruby Slippers February 18, 2010
a person who has experienced emotional bankruptcy and never recovers from it

a person with untreatable depression caused by severe and/or repeated emotional trauma
It's been two years since they broke up. When I ran into him the other day, it was like the break-up had just happened. That dude is an emotional flatliner!
#depressed #suicidal #hopeless #emotional weakling #emotionally bankrupt #blank #void
by Ruby Slippers February 19, 2010
1. a teacher, tutor, instructor or anyone who bestows knowledge upon anyone

2. the act of learning something considered difficult, gaining knowledge or wisdom the hard way
1. On the first day of school, my parents sent my siblings and I into the caring tutelage of a new brain bruiser.

2. Learning quantum physics was a real brain bruiser!
#teacher #tutor #professor #instructor #educator
by Ruby Slippers February 26, 2010
screwboo - any injury a person can get from rough or playful sex.
Geez, did you see the wicked screwboo on her knees? I don't think I'd wear shorts after getting a carpet burn like that. Next time she has sex on the carpet, she needs to wear knee pads!
#poked eye #carpet burn #bite marks #bump on the head #pulled muscles #hemorrhoids #rope burns #whisker burn #sexual injury
by Ruby Slippers March 16, 2010
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