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A well-intentioned group of people that somehow manages to spew hateful propaganda and promote unfair laws at every chance.
I don't know how the gay marriage ban will ever pass unless the Christians go out and vote for it.
by Roz McClure January 21, 2004
An overblown, overhyped, overscored musical adaptation of Gaston Leroux' 1911 novel. Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, who has ripped his tunes and style from Puccini and then beat them into the ground with an enormous sledgehammer.

Reduces the original novel, a satirical Gothic pastiche, to a simplified would-be meaningful, actually-is crap melodrama.

Includes such pathetic lyrics as rhyming "succumb to me" with "succumb to me," completely eviscerates the character of Raoul, and makes the 19th-century operatic genius the Phantom sound like a 1980s rock star.
I'm sorry I wasted $50 on a ticket to 'The Phantom of the Opera.' I thought it was a stage adaptation of the excellent 1925 silent Lon Cheney movie.
by Roz McClure February 10, 2005

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