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2 definitions by Roy and Phil

Stay true and pure, have integrity.

Remember who you are and don't change it.

Be yourself.
"Stay gold...Ponyboy."
by Roy and Phil February 18, 2009
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A handy word for...anything really. Commonly used as a generic answer to questions about someone's whereabouts, or what someone might be doing.

Also: a state of happiness and/or extreme hyperactivity.

A mountain somewhere in Norway...

The location for a Prison Break Spin Off Series (Prison Break: Polish Pole Dancing)

A feeling of extreme pride in absolutely nothing whatsoever.
Where's Sam off to? Glittertind

How are you? Glittertind

I'm feeling particularly glittertind today.

Where were you last night? Glittertind

Describe yourself in two words. Glittertind...baby.


by Roy and Phil May 21, 2008
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