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The nigger nirvana that every blacky hopes to experience upon death following a life of niggering, pimping, and shine. Niggerdom is filled with disease-free white women, watermelons, and cars that a nigger could never acquire legally.
"Only once I have stolen ferarris, raped the purest white women, and pimped out every ho in this city, can I hope to experience true niggerdom."

"Niggerdom awaits the real street nigger with the S on his chest"
by Rossy Da Bossy June 14, 2008
To engage in acts of niggerdom or otherwise niggerdly activities.
"I'm not paying you $200 dollars for a stolen stereo Shaqueefa, quit trying to pull your niggercraft on me!"

"James was doing so much niggercraft last weekend. He stole five TV sets and then took his son's welfare check."
by Rossy Da Bossy June 13, 2008
To betray someone or otherwise cheat them out of something that they deserve.
"I can't believe you would nigger me out of the inheritance... After all the time I spent with you, I thought you were a good person."

"I had to nigger out someone. I'm not going to work for my money!"
by Rossy Da Bossy June 13, 2008
To increase the shine of a person, place, or thing by engaging it in acts of niggerdom.
"Man, when Pablo hit that dance floor, the party went crazy! That pimp really knows how to nigger it up."

"Come on man, if your car sucks that bad, we can always put some chrome and a spoiler on it and show people that you can still nigger up."
by Rossy Da Bossy June 14, 2008
A nigger who embraces and embodies the deepest principles of niggerdom. A real street nigger never snitches, is always hustling, and has an S on his chest. He is a made nigger and has made niggers with him.
"Damn Haeisha, your boy Miles is a real street nigger alright. He killed like 5 whitebreads and he ain't got a scratch on him."

"Yeah you know Tony. No way he could move all that yayo if he wasn't real street."
by Rossy Da Bossy June 14, 2008
The radiance of shine that is clearly evident when a person is engaging in acts of niggerdom.
"Yeah they love me at the club. When I come around, I really get my nigger light on."

"Manny banged 3 bitches in the same night on Friday. Man, that guy knows how to get his nigger light on."
by Rossy Da Bossy June 14, 2008
Shine is the essence of niggerdom.
"Damn nigger! Paul must have stolen every stereo in town the other night!"

"That pimp knows how to get his shine on."

"I know I shouldn't have five bitches at the same time, but I gots to get my shine on!"
by Rossy Da Bossy June 14, 2008

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