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Someone who uses Microsoft Windows, despite its HUGE, gaping security holes, its tendency to be a magnet for viruses/adware/spyware/worms, its complete copy of the Macintosh GUI (which did come first), its complete disregard for any other operating system (Mac integrated with AOL messenger so that Mac users could use a Mac native program to talk with AOL users running windows. You know what Microsoft did? Gave us a huge pile of crap Mac port of MSN messenger that can't do half the things the windows version can even though if the programmers at Microsoft new how to throw together a decent piece of code it would be perfectly possible to have good port with webcam/audio/games), the fact that my 700 MHz eMac runs faster than a 3.2 GHz PC box and of course your supporting Microsoft, a company that couldn't make a good technological advance if it bit them in the ass.
Frank: hey Joe, you want to do something productive on your computer instead of rebooting 7 times to make your web browser open, and then get flooded with viruses from all over the net until your computer gets so f***ed up that it becomes completely unusable?

Joe: sorry I can't, I'm a PC User
by Ross Woodruff July 15, 2004
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