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The end result of defecating over someone else's eyes.
I put my brown eye over her brown eyes and gave her a Cincinatti brown out.
by Ross Sewage October 25, 2006
a class of women's garments with unecessary and mind-boggling fasteners and straps that act as puzzling impediment to engaging in coitus.
"Can you puh-leaze just undo this piece of lingerie yourself?"
by Ross Sewage March 16, 2006

The act of becoming a nationalist while unleashing cascades of jingoistic pablum following a tragic event exploited by one's government. This nationalism is characterized by support for an aggressive foreign policy, a police-state, xenophobia, fundamentalism, and for any policies of the controlling party's platform even at the expense of fiscal logic. It is commonly a complete reversal of an individual's past political stance.

Present tense: going 9/11; Past tense: went 9/11
When did Southpark go 9/11 and stop being funny?
by Ross Sewage August 28, 2006
A finite amount of time a whiny bastard would like you to think was longer than it was.
I have been waiting here for you to pick me up forever. Gah!
by Ross Sewage March 16, 2006
a person, generally caucasian, who likes to listen to reggae while going to college. Their dorm room or apartment (usually paid for by parents) is adorned with Bob Marley posters. Generally, the lifestyle is an excuse to enjoy copious quantities of marijuana.
That impastafarian upstairs needs to turn that crap down, or it won't be just the sheriff getting shot.
by Ross Sewage June 30, 2006
a prescription for filth and depravity.
The dude couldn't rock and out and have a good time, so I gave him an Rxxx.
by Ross Sewage March 16, 2006
Literally, an all-male gang bang. In the context of a party, however, mang bang is similar to a sausage fest, though it is comprised of closer friends. The main difference between a mang bang and a sausage fest is that the hetero-male participants in a mang bang are usually clueless as to how homoerotic they appear.
"Damn, that was such a mang bang I totally didn't realize no chicks were there."
by Ross Sewage October 26, 2006

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