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3 definitions by Ross Donnell

This is a creature that stalks u in the wee hours of the nite. They live under bridges and have an ass for a face with sharp ass teeth. if u come in contact with one, play dead, it will smell u and crap on your leg. This is its way of showing his territory.
oh my god its an Assgoblin!!!! Run!!!!!!!!
by Ross Donnell January 01, 2004
A cross betwenn chewbacca and sasquatch.
One hairy ass creature that has a crossbow and has an afair with The Lockness Monster, (Nessy)
damn dude the motha fuker is hairy
by Ross Donnell January 04, 2004
this person is the biggest crack head on the planet almost as bad as scar face himself.
get away from the crack loren
by ross donnell October 09, 2003