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3 definitions by Ross Donnell

This is a creature that stalks u in the wee hours of the nite. They live under bridges and have an ass for a face with sharp ass teeth. if u come in contact with one, play dead, it will smell u and crap on your leg. This is its way of showing his territory.
oh my god its an Assgoblin!!!! Run!!!!!!!!
by Ross Donnell January 01, 2004
157 76
A cross betwenn chewbacca and sasquatch.
One hairy ass creature that has a crossbow and has an afair with The Lockness Monster, (Nessy)
damn dude the motha fuker is hairy
by Ross Donnell January 04, 2004
17 7
this person is the biggest crack head on the planet almost as bad as scar face himself.
get away from the crack loren
by ross donnell October 09, 2003
8 0