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When you've set out in search of one thing on the Internet only to find yourself someplace completely and totally unrelated and wondering what you were looking for int he first place.

How the Hell Did I End Up Here?
I set out looking for information on upgrading my motherboard over an hour ago and I found this great messenger bag at name sitefor only $55! Wait! HH DIE UH?!
by Rosie Rosenberger June 08, 2007
When you've not posted anything on your blog in a while, but you've been thinking about many topics to write about.
person1: Hey, where have you been? What you been up to? I've been watching your blog, but you're not even writing.

person2: Yeah - I've been mind blogging, but I just haven't had a chance to post anything lately.
by Rosie Rosenberger June 08, 2007
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