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V= all the years they been a virgin
Pain= all the years they have been through with the pain
I been dealing with this v-pain for all my life.
by Ronny Kim February 22, 2010
Laws that a virgin will follow.

1. I like women but the time is not now. (Meaning that he or she will follow these laws til death or get married)
2. Honor the V-code.
3. Maintain my reputation for the squad.
4. Be nobody's seconds.
5. Be a virgin for life.
6. Virgin Before Dishonor
You have broke the pacts of the v-laws, so now you must leave the circle of virgin and go some place else.
by Ronny Kim January 30, 2011
One who puts pride on being a virgin and does not dishonor his or her code to their leader. If the person breaks the code than they are kicked out. The only way to break the code is to lose their virginity.
For the sake of the squad I will not dishonor the code. It is v-code or until I get married.

The v-code is a pact that I made to honor the code.
by Ronny Kim January 20, 2011
Some being to extreme for there own virginity. Usually going too far and not caring about what the other person says
Hey dude my v-ness is the bomb. But it is the form of my pride for being a virgin
by Ronny Kim January 20, 2011

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