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Low-profile car tires. Usually seen on tuner cars or large rims. They give the illusion of "baloney skins" due to their appearance of a thin-stretched out piece of rubber over a rim.
I'm going to blow the baloney skins off that guy!
by Ronny Cordova July 17, 2011
A lemon ice tea occurs during anal intercourse. The male will urinate inside his partner's rectum. The partner will proceed to stand up while the male fetches a cup and collects the dripping urine. He then will give the cup to his partner to drink.
After an exhausting spout of anal sex, Ron made Kelly a refreshing glass of lemon ice tea.
by Ronny Cordova January 13, 2007
A White Knight is someone who goes on to the website Urban Dictionary and creates a definition under the name of their more than likely obese girlfriend. Type in almost any girl's name into the search bar and you will pull up one of these definitions.

Typically they will state what "a cool person they are", "how smart they are", "how cute they are", or other various statements about a girl no one but said White Knight gives a fuck about.

The only reason such definitions are even made are so they can show their girlfriend (obese) at how creative and cute they think they are being despite the fact 1000s of other dick bags have done the same thing already.

These definitions are quite annoying especially if you have the Urban Dictionary app for your Droid and constantly get them as a random definition.
Examples of douche bags being White Knights:

1. Kelly

The smartest person ever, someone with a great personality, has golden locks of hair.

2. Susan

The face of a tranny, hands of a man, junk in the trunk.
by Ronny Cordova June 30, 2010

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