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A hick with poor motor skills and no social skills. Hick chimps can often times be seen sporting crew cuts, flat tops, or mullets. It is not uncommon for hick chimps to have hot sisters that bang entire football teams.
Look at that hick chimp watching Nascar while his sister gets butt fucked by that faceless football player.
by Ronald Mexico November 13, 2006
Decribes a fat man who wears high end clothing that comes in very large sizes. Derived from the department store Faconable which sells extremely large shirts with the text "Faco" on the front.
Hey there Faco, would you like a taco?
by Ronald Mexico November 12, 2006
The act of banging a chick in the ear.
Jason gave Jacey a lobe job so she dumped him.
by Ronald Mexico December 09, 2006
Equivalent to saying fourth and inches at a football game. Is used by football fans to describe the situation where the football is just the length of a tiny penis away froma first down.
The Wisconson Badgers drove the ball 9.9 yards over 3 downs and now they are fourth and Novak.
by Ronald Mexico November 12, 2006

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