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The outside under-curve of a woman's breast. Most noticeable while wearing a skimpy bikini, bra, or of course while asleep naked on her back next to you.
Dude you can she her beasts while walking behind her!
Yeah, she's got some serious Side Chobes going on.
by Ron Donduay October 06, 2010
1. Overbearing individual who can speak only about themselves, their academic achievements and general greatness. Will often leave others around them with intense feelings of nausea, self doubt and regret.

2. A person who dominates all conversations around them with ridiculous anecdotes about themselves.

3. A person who interrupts a conversation between two other people to interject their own exploits and opinions, whether related to the subject matter or not.

4. A shameless self-promoter, usually a semi-famous architect or designer.
Oh god, here comes Brian to tell us about his spiritual quest across Nepal or how many women he's sleep with this month. Yeah, he's such a complete Ego Terrorist, lets get out of here.
by Ron Donduay October 06, 2010

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