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Three pieces of tissue that hide the nipples and the vagina+buttocks of a woman. Sometimes, those parts are hardly hidden. The smaller the tissue parts, the larger the amount of men watching the woman. Sometimes, the tissue parts are transparent. That is a great thing.
OMG! She has taken her bikini off!
by Ron Barr March 30, 2003
A great rap group that once were produced by the famous Bomb Squad.
"Fear of a black Planet, huh? Yes, even almost 15 years later..."
by Ron Barr March 31, 2003
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Chrono Tigger and FF3 sell at a f*ckin high price on Ebay.
by Ron Barr March 30, 2003
The one who masters the english language like no one else.
"I is the government of the beautiful country that is called the Canada"
by Ron Barr March 31, 2003
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