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a black hole, time warp, and nightmare you don't know you are in until you leave when you realize what a waste of time those 3 years at Deloitte were and you'll want those 3 years of your life back.
Similar to what I imagine of doing time in jail or being a P.O.W. You survive your years art Deloitte and get by, then when you wake up and realize you are dumb for putting up with these shitheads, you'll wish you could have those 3 years back....BUT you can't that time in your life is gone forever. You'll never get those years back!!! You work and work trying to please the partners who are about 40-50 years of age but look 70 from all the years of working for assholes, and you would have learned more and gotten further in your career had you gone with that startup a few years back.
by Ron Anchorurgandy July 29, 2006

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