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A mental sport wherein players struggle to weave chains of consequences. Females that play are tenfold sexier than their male counterparts.
Samantha plays chess? Oh God, I feel a rook coming on.
by Roman Gurovich January 30, 2005
A living, breathing man who once walked the streets of Galilee. He may have been God (people are divided on this issue). In any case, he spoke of a truth that resides at the very core of the human soul. He spoke of love. Many claim to understand him. Most are mistaken. The two millenia after his death, spotted with violence and hate, are a testament to this widespread misunderstanding.
Christ preached love. Too often his name has been used as a vehicle of hate. You do the math.
by Roman Gurovich February 15, 2005
Quite possibly the snazziest word there is.
This example is snazzy!
by Roman Gurovich January 30, 2005
Not to be confused with raw processing ability, intelligence is the capacity to judge accurately.
Prejudice belies a lack of intelligence because it is always to the right or left of the truth.
by Roman Gurovich February 04, 2005

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