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A dildo made of human faeces, typically freshly "layed" and preferably a type 3 on the Bristol stool scale, that being its weighty and sturdy, able to be held at one end without breaking.
Often whilst indulging in a night of scat Tim liked to use his partners shit dildo to pound his man pussy
by roly c May 23, 2008
A loud and obnoxious woman who wears office attire at the weekend. Usually a member of the upper class she will more likely resemble the Equus ferus caballus, sometimes simply being described as 'horsey.' She will also tend to be ruddy cheeked, over weight and generally a bieguustch... more so, a pencilcunt.
Roly: 'How is the sale of your apartment to that fat pencil skirt bitch going'

Hannah: 'You mean Pencilcunt? Well pencilcunt has decided to pull out with no explination or communication leaving me totally dans la merde'

Roly: 'What a pencilcunt!'
by Roly C November 15, 2012

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