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A Rapper out of Pittsburg, who has some of the dopest Beats, sickest Flow and can, in any Situation, make you in a good mood. He sings about Weed, Weed, Weed, Girls, Alchol, Flying (Weed), Getting Money, and most of All, Taylor Gang.
Taylor Gang is his fan base he sings about in all of his songs. "Taylor" Gang strings from his love of Chuck Taylor Shoes (and Possibly his HighSchool, Taylor Allerdice).

He has had countless MixTapes, and a Few Albums.

His "FanBase" suddenly grew after Black and Yellow became popular. Although many of his songs are better than Black and Yellow (The Thrill, Roll Up, Teach You to Fly, Real Estate, Say Yeah, This Plane and The race)

also known as Mr.Spacely
Me- Dude you Gotta check out Wiz Khalifa, hes a freaking beast.

TC- Yeahh, this dude is awesome, never heard of him, but hes a G.

Me- Yeahh better to catch on late then don't catch on at all
by Rollo:) March 08, 2011

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