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The sound a creeper makes before exploding in Minecraft.
Steve: Yay, diamonds! Now I just have to carry these home...
Creeper: SSSSssss
Steve: FUUUUU!!!
*The creeper explodes, killing Steve, and causing his diamonds to fall into lava*
by RollRoundInTheToilet October 23, 2012
(verb) The act of playing Minecraft, a popular computer game by Mojang.
Person 1 is playing Minecraft on his computer.
(Person 2): What are you doing?
(Person 1): Minecrafting.
(Person 2): Oh, really? That's a nice computer you have there...
(Person 1): *turns to look behind himself at person 1*
(Person 2): SSSSssss
(Person 2): *explodes*
by RollRoundInTheToilet October 23, 2012
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