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1. Blowing off steam; done when really angry or stressed.

2. The condition when you're really gassy and fart constantly over a sustained amount of time. Liken to if your butt was an air vent and gas was constantly being blown out.
1. Look out for Steve. His face is red and he's venting.

2. Don't go in John's office right now. He's sitting there venting and stinking up the place.
by Rold Gold July 10, 2005
The Lounge Sounds No. Used to show when the consensus agrees to a negative response to a question. Basically, everyone collectively shouting back "NO!" in retort.
Should I attempt to hook up with my psycho ex while trying meth at the same time?
by Rold Gold June 28, 2005
When your intestines are cramping up and make that 'girgling' sound a few minutes before you have to hit the can. Similar to a coffee maker percolating, your intestines are fixing up a nasty brew.
Feeling ok, John?
Nah man, I'm percolating over here. Cover me for a few minutes, will ya.
by Rold Gold July 10, 2005

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