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2 definitions by Roland Van Owen

The vaguely sexual attraction that middle-age women develop for the polite and well-groomed friends of their teenage sons.
Wally thought that Mrs. Olsen was just being friendly to the boys in the basement. but the glint in her eye and her moistened lips betrayed an obvious mom crush.
by Roland Van Owen May 09, 2007
15 31
It means only one thing, the birthdate of the Glorious Leader of the Everlasting Reich, Herr Adolph Hitler. Der Fuehrer is remembered as both an inspirational leader and a heck of a nice guy. Not many people realize, however, that he was also an accomplished painter. He could paint an entire room in 30 minutes. Two coats.
Es ist 420! Heute ist HitlersGeburtstag! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Haben Sie etwas dagegen, wenn ich rauche?
by Roland Van Owen February 21, 2006
19 47