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The land of great beauty with high standards of living, flowing with milk and honey, run abound by Asians, natives, mixed people whose race you can never guess, and sexy blond girls accompanied by their hot moms. The land of fresh seafood, fine dining, and the province's most lucrative agricultural produce - high-quality BC bud - God's gift to mankind. A place where cops can pass by a group of Hondurians dealing cocaine on the corner of Dunsmuir and Seymour...and neither group does a doubletake. The streetscape is filled with beamers, race cars and souped up civics...it's a place where you can sit back with your stash of weed and appreciate for eternity the beauty of living in the best place on earth.
Vancouver is in BC, where God lives.
by Roger A December 01, 2006
Thanks todd for that eye-opening essay about how most Vancouverites are on welfare, and how our beloved Yaletown can't hold a match to what-did-you-say-Edmonton ??? Pity our arts scene, but I don't think the milfs and surfers out here have the time or gayness to stare at a Picasso through some nonprescription set of thick glasses. You should thank us for being so generous. really. Some other town without the luxury of hot chicks, good food, nice architecture, good weather, beaches and glorious scenery should hold the title of Canada's cultural capital. Not hating on any place, but people who knock Vancouver either haven't seen it in 20 years or don't know shit about what they're talking about.
Don't hate on Vancouver, you easterners!!!
by Roger A December 01, 2006

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