3 definitions by Roflawlolmao

A crappy place where nearly everything contradicts itself and the few are silenced by the brainwashed many.
Society sucks.
by roflawlolmao October 22, 2008
Life.. it is pointless. Think of all the 6 billion people who are living.. How many do you know? Think of all of the billions of dead.. how many do you remember on a daily basis? They may have lived longer than you and you don't even think about them, what was the point of living so long? Going through all those hardships and you are still forgotten... Even those who affect your daily lives are forgotten. You may think you will get passed on by friends and family, but you won't. "Oh yeah, I didn't know this guy, but apparently he was cool."? So why try in life..?

I am not emo I have just learned an inevitable truth of life, maybe too soon.
Any human being who has had a life is an example.
by Roflawlolmao October 22, 2008
A higher being created by religions to explain odd "phenomenons" now proved by science to be perfectly normal.
Gods were created because people weren't advanced. Why they continue now nobody knows.
by roflawlolmao October 22, 2008

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