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1 definition by Rodrigo Cornejo

Pronunciation: cock-'tas-tik

Etymology: Middle French & Late Latin; Middle French cocktastique, from Late Latin cocktasticus.

1 a : incredibly good, providing pleasure or joy similar to the one a cock produces

2 : marked by extravagant prominence of a cock

3 incredibly good: EXCELLENT, SUPERLATIVE <a cocktastic meal>

- cock·tas·ti·cal·i·ty /(")cok-"tas-t&-'ka-l&-tE, f&n-/ noun
- cock·tas·ti·cal·ness /-'cok-t&-k&l-n&s/ noun
Ron: And therefore we can see how I, on the basis of my strategy and hard work alone, have boosted the company sales by 150% in the last month.

CEO: Ron, you're a cocktastic asset in this company. I will recommend the wage raise board to approve you a juicy payrise.


Student: Will you impeach Bush, Mr. Kerry?

Policeman: Shut up, commie kid!

*policeman generously tasers commie student*

Kerry: Dear oh dear, that was a cocktastic way to deal with such a complex issue.
by Rodrigo Cornejo September 19, 2007