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-the opposite of "peace dog"

-a hipster/cool way to respond to "peace dog" in order to throw someone off then have a laugh about later thus delaying the departure from each other;
or to be used on opposite day when saying bye to someone instead of saying "peace dog"
Friend 1: Well it was good chatting with you man.

Friend 2: You too bro, keep in touch.

Friend 1: Aight then, peace dog.

Friend 2: War cat

Friend 1: k kool, wait what???

Friend 2: You said 'peace dog', so I said 'war cat,' you know, like the opposite of it, get it?

Friend 1: Ohhh, hahahaha thats a good one man.

*And thus friend 1 and friend 2 became best friends thereafter.
#goodbye #hipster #opposite #opposite day #peace dog #peace dawg #friend talk #best friend talk #lingo
by Rodizzle Foshizzlim May 12, 2011
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