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6 definitions by Rodger Cletcher

a person who cannot learn, a fool who repeats there mistakes time and again, a person who constantly screws up.
cletus stuck his hand in the wood chipper three times,he,s
in his 3rd year of 4th grade, he,s a frenchfry short of a happy meal.being stuck on stupid cliff put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger
by Rodger Cletcher December 14, 2006
48 28
a narcissus,a person who cannot resist the temptation to look at themselves in any mirror and comment or gloat on being handsome or beautiful so that all around them can hear
,or even in private,talking to themselves.
Ryan coulndt pass a mirror up without stopping and saying out loud what a handsome devil he was.Chris commented,Ryan your such a mirror fag, Quit oogling at yourself in the mirror.
by rodger cletcher January 15, 2007
13 4
a sex partner, girlfriend,one night stand. a girl to have sex with,but without emotional ties. a girl to fuck without
any cares to her wants and needs.A whore or slut.
I promised the slamhole that i would be over tonight.I told
her i cant stay ,and be ready to fuck when i get there so i
can blow a nut and leave.
by rodger cletcher January 10, 2007
12 3
the residue left,usually at the base of a cock after butt sex. Or on or near the rectum.
when i was thru fuckin that bitches ass, she sucked the
ass fudge off my cock with a smile.
by rodger cletcher January 10, 2007
10 4
meat flaps on a vagina.the folds of flesh on and around a vagina
that girls pussy could fly away with flaps, or thats a balogna and cheese samich!open the balogna curtains ,dinner
is served
by rodger cletcher April 11, 2006
15 13
the ending to either a ghetto ass bitches name or the ending
to a trailer trash ho,s name.
look leroy theres that ghetto bitch stank "weekwa" workin the corner again.
or, hey billybob, theres terr "weekwa" the trailer trash ho down at the swimmin hole
blowin your brother.
by rodger cletcher January 22, 2007
4 4