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After a man has launched his ejaculate load into some random bar whore's va-jay-jay, this is the very recognizable strand of skeet seen strewn between his knob and her over sized gash as he pulls out his spent love muscle. Typically eatin and/or slurped by said bar whore.
Dude, I picked up your mom at the bar last night and had one massive fuck snot as I pulled out of her gutter hole. She leant over and consumed the entire load of cottage cheese as I slammed my beer and B-lined for the door.
by Rodeo cowboy November 05, 2009
The act of one vomiting while simutaneously defecating. Generally associated with food poison.
Dude, that bitch was shipuking on your head all night and it was sweet.

I think I need to shipuke in your mouth.
by Rodeo cowboy August 14, 2009
A highly refined hybrid form of both a jaggoff and a douche bag
Dude, that guy's a fuckin' jag-bag
by Rodeo cowboy August 08, 2009
The occasional, yet surprisingly tasty, solidified piece of feces that gets sucked up in the act of shrimping/and or felching.
Dude, I was shrimping your mom last night and I ate a shrimpturd. Tasted like chicken; could you ask her to eat McDonald's next time?
by Rodeo Cowboy October 21, 2009
As you're stroking your favorite girl in her pooper, reach forward and grab her wrists out from under her. Just before her precious face hits the carpet, donkey-punch the little whore in the back of the head thus causing a sudden seizure of her plump little rectum. Beware boys, better get your jizz on cause they really don't take too kindly to the carpeting
Dude, I huckle buckled your mom last night and now she wants it again. What should I do?
by Rodeo cowboy July 30, 2009

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