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A drinking game where you watch the Maury Povich Show. You guess if the man on stage is the baby's daddy. If you guess wrong, you take a shot. Hours of fun and enjoyment!
Hey! Maury's on! You got the Cuervo? Let's play Maury Shots!
by Rod Headman January 10, 2006
A race of women featured on the Maury Povich Show. They are the ones that are always 100% sure that the guy they dragged on the show is their baby's daddy. Sometimes, they make several appearances without ever finding the elusive "baby's daddy."
That stupid bitch dragged me all the way to New York to say I'm her baby's daddy. She slept with the whole city! She's definitely from the Mopoho Tribe!
by Rod Headman January 10, 2006

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