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Commonly confused as a pop or power pop band, The Cars are a american rock band that emerged in the early new wave scene. There debut album probably the best new wave\rock album ever, having genres in it such as hard rock, rock, experimental rock, art rock, rockabilly, power pop, pop and new wave and even more genres, is probably there best album. 2nd best is candy-o that is a mix of rock, hard rock, pop, poprock art rock and new wave and even more genres.

they just used so many genres that you cant really label them one thing, but to add all there genres together would just equal rock, plain out.

as for there later albums, they took more of a approach to pop and poprock

but at the end of the day, they will always be a rock band
Well let's settle the score with the cars genre

some people think there power pop or even worse pop, well there greatly wrong

they were a rock band that just liked to be experimental at many times. heres a list of every single type of genre they used:

rock, soft rock, hard rock, pop, poprock, art rock, progressive rock, physedelic rock, synthpop, electropop, experimental rock, bubblegum rock and pop, electrorock, garage rock and new wave
by Rockstarsgame February 07, 2011

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