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Short for the busload to hell. It refers to a type of living that commonly frowned upon by most of the public. For example, drinking excessively, fucking strangers, making jokes at the expense of the weak or physically challenged and just generally being an asshole. Popularized by ACDC song "Highway to Hell".
Last night I fucked I girl in the ass and then I gave her a dirty sanchez. I'm driving the bus.
by Rocks in Pocket February 19, 2007
A 1/2 Pint of Evan Williams (white label, of course). This is known as 327 because with tax at a local liquor store it usually costs $3.27. Perfect for when when you want to tell your bud to buy you some liquor without letting anyone else know what the hell you are talking about.
I am going to get a 327 after work for the ride home.
by Rocks in Pocket February 19, 2007
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