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a big fat stupid moron who is always blubbering shit about people, things and situations that he knows ZERO about. He throws all his weight around when he's spewing crap like he's the only person there at all, like you are stupid and he knows everything so you better shut up and listen. Also spelled blubber butt.
1. That oxycontin popping blubberbutt is slanging nerve gas on the radio again. He says he hopes our President "fails" in his Oval Office work. It ain't due to "race", is it? Nuh nuh no...

His name is Rush but he really should've been named "Led Zeppelin" because he sits on his lead ass alot, he's hardly done an honest job in his life, and he spouts enough hot air to fill up a zeppelin.

2. Here comes Gene Walker again. He's gonna brag about the big bass fish he caught yesterday or the girl he met last night. He's an absolute blubberbutt.
by Rocket Yeah June 12, 2009
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