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1 definition by Robyn-Siriuses No1 fan

Sirius Black was the only thing that made me read harry potter after book 3. He is sensitive, funny, rash but he just fits in. he is the best character yet..when he died in book 5 i balled my eyes out for the next week. i hope, even though it is unlikely, J.K. Rowling reads this and brings sirius back! he was just so great, and call me a sook, but it was great those years harry had a godfather.
R.I.P Sirius Black as he will be so sorely missed by many people I think J.K. Rowling has done a very, very, very stupid thing
Sirius black: Kreacher what are you doing?

Kreacher: Cleaning Sir!

Sirius black: you havent cleaned in years! the black house is getting blacker by the day!!
by Robyn-Siriuses No1 fan May 25, 2006