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There's not much to say. He's one grimnorseultramotherfuckingmetal son of a bitch. Can be used as a noun or adjective, to describe someone close to or just as grimnorseultramotherfuckingmetal as him.
Jim: This Artillery CD is fucking great.
Bob: Whoa, dude, don't pull a genocidal_hammer on me.
by Robyn Swank November 15, 2004
A frequent visitor of Yahoo!'s "Black Metal/Females Are Idiots" room, good ol' Jeremy intimidates all the males and females alike with his Scott Stapp-ish good looks.
thermonuclear_jackhammer: I work out daily to be able to crush poseurs like you.
by Robyn Swank November 04, 2004
A notorious Yahoo! Metal:1 chatter, nocturnal_sacrifice is not only a source of amusement and intelligent conversation, but has vast knowledge of X-TREME norse metal as well.
Nocturnal Sacrifice: Hubba hubba
by Robyn Swank November 04, 2004
An absurd chatter on Yahoo!. Of course, this is not a real word, and this is hardly a feasible definition, but I figured I'd do the ol' chap some justice and submit him in. He's a legend!
trollucifer: Jake the Fake is here!?!
by Robyn Swank November 03, 2004
A chatter of many talents, he is not only a skilled Jesus impersonator, but is also proud owner of 15 CDs, most of which are rare Gorillaz LPs.
phag_anselblow: My heart, it bleeds.
phag_anselblow: Good God those are huge.
by Robyn Swank November 04, 2004
A word that is far too often used out of context. Referring to Asian peoples and those belonging to the Mongol empire, it has more recently become a term used to describe the mentally handicapped, and even more recently, people in general, a la "trollucifer".
trollucifer: Listen, you mongoloid. I am clearly above you, for I own Plumed Serpent LP's. Suck my farts, LOL!
by Robyn Swank November 03, 2004

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