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When you are taking a shit so excruciatingly painful, you are unable to leave the toilet for anything due to the sheer intensity of the dump.
His house was on fire and he had time to escape. However, he was taking an incapacitating dump and burned to death on the crapper.
by RoboCop 3000 July 11, 2010
When YOU do it, it's an illegal U-turn. When a police officer does it, it's a Donut Maneuver for obvious reasons.
That police officer just made an illegal U-turn! What the hell?

Just let it go man, police officers perform Donut Maneuvers like that all the time.
by RoboCop 3000 April 12, 2011
When you're watching Game of Thrones, and the nudity gives you a boner. It is the main reason why a lot of men will record the show and watch it later, alone, and use the pause button a lot.
Guy: I hate it when I'm trying to watch the damn show and I have to stop because I get a Bone of Thrones.

Other guy: Just do what I do. Whip it out, keep watching, build yourself up, and then orgasm during one of the death scenes.

Guy: Bro... I don't think we can be friends anymore.
by RoboCop 3000 May 27, 2015
When semen is ejaculated, usually with a lot of force, and it lands somewhere inappropriate. It is very difficult to explain Rogue Semen to people if you're a man of high morals.
"Dude! Why the fuck is your WatchDogs case covered in cum!?"

"Rogue semen, bro. It doesn't play by the rules."
by RoboCop 3000 October 17, 2014
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