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German, colloquial expression for 'extreme' (krass) from the lower Rhine area / Krefeld. Surfaced first in the early 1980s, at that time meaning 'brutal, lots of gore'.
Die Klausur war ganz braun. Vorm Polonia-Grill stehen ganz braune Asis rum. Ich war braunstens hacke. Wie braun bist du denn drauf!
#krass #extrem #braun #bruun #braunstens #krefeld
by Robin S. a.k.a. MakeAMillYen November 19, 2006
German, colloquial expression meaning 'to relax, to chill'. Originated in Krefeld / lower Rhine area around 1985. Used in a very broad variety, e.g. also as 'to succeed'.
Was hast du am Sonntag gemacht? - Gelenzt.
In der Matheklausur habe ich gelenzt.
Das Abitur, das Abitur, erhaelt man durch das Lenzen nur.
#lenzen #lenzig #lenz #gelenzt #krefeld
by Robin S. a.k.a. MakeAMillYen November 19, 2006
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