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Getting downed 41 times in a zombies game. Max is obviously good at zombies just he lacks the ability to look behind him.
Max: i got downed again!
Everyone Else: What the hell are you doing!

Max: I'm downed
James: Again!

Me: You Doing A Max?
by Roberto:) March 26, 2011
Home to Nerds,Geeks,Online Gangsters,Retarded Yanks, New Borns,Mums and dads. Xbox Live is a war zone you will get abuse shouted at you for no reason. Americans think British people have bad teeth and eat crumpets. Online Gangsters threaten to find out where you live and beat you up. Little Kids swear and think they are cool. Mum's and dads which should be working or looking after there kids and playing xbox instead.
XBL Mum: * baby crying* Wait one minute.
Me: Go look after your baby dumb bitch!

Online Gangster: Mate, i'll come to your house beat you up bruv!
Me: oh no!

Retarded American: You eat tea and crumpets and have bad teeth!
Me: And your fat!

This is Xbox Live!
by Roberto:) March 26, 2011
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