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Music that gets played on radio. Unless a specialised station, the music that gets airplay is usually shite.
The Rolling Stones dont get much airplay anymore.
by Robert Hardie September 24, 2003
These foul cretins inhabit the city of Newcastle. Traditional Charva wear consists of
Headwear: Burberry Cap
Top: Henry Lloyd/Fred Perry hooped sweatshirt, Berghaus Jacket
Pants: Tracksuit bottoms (Trackie B's)
Shoes: Rockports (Rockie P's)

Can often be found to be using a bastardised version of the geordie dialect. Easily recognised as they mooch about on street corners in great numbers to prey on some unsuspecting member of the public.
weak on there own but, ( like to think they are) Strong in numbers.
Total embarresment to the gret city of Newcastle. I wish they would Fuck off.
"Got eny shnout"
"Gis a swig of ya cida"
"Hu the fuk ye lukin at ye fukin ugly cunt"
by Robert hardie October 02, 2003
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