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1) the term non-smokers use for weed

2) a metal utensil used for cooking
1) Person: "Yo man you got any bud?"

Faggot: "NO! Pot can kill you the first time you smoke it!!!! I'm really insecure about myself!!"

2) Person 1: "Yo hows that thc butter cooking in that pot?"

Person 2: "Good man, its gonna be sweet"
by Robert Lane Saget September 27, 2008
A group made to fight in "The War on Drugs" a.k.a. "The war against the American People." They make up lies about their "success", and ruin innocent, and non-violent drug user's lives.
The DEA busted an innocent man, who was later raped in jail, for possesion of a fuckin' dimebag.
by Robert Lane Saget October 13, 2008

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