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2 definitions by Robert John 93

Jay Swag is one of the newest entertainment news sites. Founded in October of 2008, it has grown tremendously with in a few short months. It has interviewed celebrities such as Brittany Flickinger, the winner of Paris Hilton's My New BFF and even D. Woods, solo artist and former member of the platinum selling group Danity kane. Jay Swag's head author John Panichella (Jay P) and can be found at
Yo have you been to the new Jay Swag website?
Yea that site has the coolest interviews!
by Robert John 93 April 03, 2009
18 6
Angie-Marie is a young actress/model. She is Spanish but has no clue how to speak any of it so don't try to speak Spanish to her. She is the Blendy-Pens spokes model and she says that Blendy Pens...don't what a good spokes model! If you type in Blendy Pens and find the little Spaniyard girl in the purple shirt...thats her like forever ago. She likes hanging out with friends and showing that she can be professional and have fun too. She likes Ninja Wolves and you may see her as a carpet, ninja wolf, spoon, fork or other kitchen item on Halloween this year.
Angie-Marie is the Blendy-Pens spokes model?
Angie-Marie likes ninja wolves
by Robert John 93 April 04, 2009
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