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A mental state of being incredibly optimistic in the face of overwhelming odds.

Calling upon all the Powers of Mystical Nature, God, Allah or however You define that Power to help You in a dire crisis.
Her oncologist told her she would die 100%. Even with chemotherapy the metastisized breast cancer in her bones and lungs would kill her within a month. She drove to an alternative treatment center in Mexico which emphasized absolute positive thoughts, optimystically, along with many alternative and traditional medical treatments.

Being optimystical saved her life. A true story. Her word not mine. Three years later she is cancer free. The Power of Positive Thought and a will to battle the odds.
by Robert J. Lanier February 27, 2007
Freely using language such as the new words on Urban Dictionary to express yourself.

Any expressive activity in either language, art, dance, dress, music or communication with other people.
I catch You dancing in the Moonlight on the beach in the Tropics. The only sound breaking waves and a rustle of untrimmed palms from the Trade Winds at Sea. Who is this Woman who moves so fluidly in the tones of black and white by the beams reflected? No electronic iPod but music within her DNA. Her Colorativity excites me and wets me in anticipation of out first Lovemaking.
by Robert J. Lanier September 22, 2007
Lazy Trailer Trash with inherited money as opposed to good people who working their hardest to support a family are economically reduced to living in a trailer house.
"I'm a three-time debutante, ergo I am very comfortable in an evening gown. As for blue jeans, I used to have 17 Arabian horses and can muck out stalls with the best of them. I don't give a shit what other women write." (in their Match profile)
by ROBERT J. LANIER January 13, 2008
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