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A small, midwest town of several thousand located south east of the Cleveland Metropolis. Originally an old miner town, this historically upper-middle class town has become a minor center of commerce- its many stores along Washington Street include boutiques, restaurants, and gift shops. Its youth, who attend Chagrin Falls Exempted High School are known for their juvenile tendencies that include but are not limited to: stealing, trespassing, and underage consumption. These problems are minor, compared to the fact that the school ranks consistantly in the top 100 public schools in America- giving notion to the fact that the town's students have prematurely developed a degree of maturation, as evidenced by the balance of academic and social aspects practiced. This balance manifests in the school's alumni base, which encompasses many of the most successful persons in Cleveland and abroad. It's student athletes are referred to as Tigers, and the high school consists of many middle of the road, average sized teams.
1. My family is considering watching the Blossom Parade in Chagrin Falls.

2. The Chagrin Falls students stole my pumpkins for the third time this year!

3. I'm bored, I'm driving over to Chagrin Falls to party.

4. Students from Chagrin Falls are well prepared for the real world due to their academic and social tendencies.

5. Chagrin Falls has won the Chagrin Valley Conference many times.
by Robert Hunt January 17, 2006

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