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someone who is considered a pest with less than average intellect. someone oblivious to the fact that nobody wants them around because he's a buster. ie., tells nonsensical jokes, butts into conversations, tries to "one up" everyone, blurts out random facts that have nothing to do with the present topic, etc.
"Look, that buster Joel just walked through the door!"
a reply could be:
"Who the hell invited that fucknut to the party?! Come on, let's hide!"
by Robert Fagardo December 11, 2004
when two dudes (usually) have sex with another man or a woman at the same time. one sucks, while his "teammate" fucks. in the case where it involves a female, she would have both vaginal and anal orifaces plugged with 2 dicks. using the first scenario, it could be heard of two male prostitutes...
"Our new client wants us to doubleteam him. We'll make good money tonight, Joel"
by Robert Fagardo December 11, 2004
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