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A medium-sized city in central Pennsylvania (10,000+ residents). In August, it's home to the LLWS and the population doubles for a few weeks while thousands of people tune in to ESPN to watch the games. The birthplace of Little League baseball, the sport that is usually the basis of every U.S. kids' childhood growing up.
"I played Little League baseball in my younger years."

"Really? Me too. I even went to the museum in Williamsport, Pa. It's pretty neat there, and if you go to one of the LLWS games, it's free!
by Robert Watson October 07, 2005
A shortened way of saying cross country, one of the best sports there is.
Athlete: Do we have cross practice tomorrow?
Coach: Yep, 7am, bright and early. You all better be there.
Everyone: *collective groan*
by Robert Watson September 30, 2005
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